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Hey everybody. I deleted the taintyman27 journal and got this one. I'm still maintainer, though.

MUNICH is almost done shooting and is already the frontrunner to take home the Best Picture/Best Director awards at the Oscars this year. They haven't released any official stills or videos from the movie yet, but there are all sorts of set pictures that look pretty cool. From what I hear, they've really been tearing up cities to shoot this motherfucker. Should pay off beautifully.

And then, of course, there's the Abe Lincoln project coming up next. He called upon Liam Neeson to come and play him, which really fits in my head. He looks exactly like him. So that should be really cool. I love that era, and from what he did on Amistad, Spielberg should hit this one on the head. Lots of sunshine in through the windows and sprawling street shots. I can see it now, and it's fuckintastic.

Then there's Indy, which is... The same.

War Of The Worlds comes out on DVD on November 22nd in two seperate releases: the regular 1-disc edition and the 2-Disc Limited Edition. Personally, I think you'd have to be a moron to get anything but the 2-Disc Limited Edition, but I was the one who said everyone would get the 3-Disc Terminal set and about, oh, no one got it but the people who really give a shit. Plus, the cover art on the 1-Disc is surprisingly lame, while the cover art on the Limited Edition is really cool.

Everyone post or I'll kill Spielberg. Mark David Chapman was no crazier than me.
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